History of the Venus Butterfly Technique

The Venus Butterfly technique has its origins from the ancient eastern Tantric sex mystics. Tantric sex is all
about creating deeper and meaningful unions with your partner or partners through the body and spirit. This
occurs with a focus on a more meaningful and wholesome experience of union. This form of union just goes
way deeper and higher than just physical union. It holds deeper meaning in greater ways for those who wish
to participate in a more intense level of making love, taking their love life into the higher dimension.

Recently sexologists like Bob Schwartz have used that ancient technique to open eyes about this form of
giving pleasure to the modern day couples as well as individuals. Venus Butterfly technique can be one great
oral sex practice that will bring immense joy and pleasure of union.

This form of art, when mastered well, brings in repeated joys of climactic pleasure. This is a technique that
anyone can use for long and extensive foreplays. These are wonderful to revive old romance in bed. The art
of stimulation of the clitoris is all this is about. There is excitement and a grand release of tension followed by
an organic peaking of hormones. This is one of the best techniques that can be enjoyed with fun.

While males and females don't experience mutual orgasms at the similar level most of the time, these are
ways where the female can be really stimulated to experience heightened pleasure. One of the greatest
myths to break is that vaginal stimulation only works through frictional interaction with the penis, but this is
so false. When a guy learns to properly tend to the female's clitoris and labial lining there comes a dynamic
shift in her experiencing of pleasure. This is particularly awesome when one is geared for a longer sexual
encounter. These techniques hold the key for turning around the key to experiencing heightening of sexual
joy. Tantric history clearly states the Venus Butterfly technique as a wonderful opening to unleashing the
tigress in any woman. The ancient texts really hold the key as in the idyllic times men seemed to be more in
gear of holding the art of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. We might have been out of touch with that with
our desk jobs and technology management. But it is never anywhere far from learning anything new, right?

This process results in a short but wonderful release of vascocongestion, resulting in a great way of
improving myotonic development. This is a great charger for intensification of sexiness. One can easily reach
the zenith of mutual sexual pleasure through this rapturous practice. This ancient tool also holds the secrets
to unleashing the great level of the power of self-gratification. Self-fulfillment is in fact the first step, taught by
the rishis of Vedic Age to bring in the power of a fulfilling mutual love relationship. The adages still remain
true. Are we too far from gratifying ourselves fully to just be more confident and present for our partners?