What is the Venus Butterfly Technique?

Sexologist Sue Johnson described in her coaching the importance of the Venus Butterfly technique for
cunnilingus or Oral Sex. It is done by stimulating the woman's clitoris with the tongue. As the clitoris is made of the
extreme most sensory organs, this results in multiple orgasms within the woman. It can also be done by
stimulating the clitoris with the finger. One can just linger around the walls of the vagina and then slowly approach
the clitoris to rub in for maximum pleasure.

This is an extremely pleasing way for self-gratifying for women. This can result in giving greater body confidence
for the women. One can even get around the stimulation with one hand on the clit and the other hand on the
rectum. The butterfly technique can be used with the penetration by the rectum and the pleasure giving through
the rubbing of the clit. Slow and gentle rubbing is one of the ways through which the clit can be greatly stimulated.
But this has to be a very gently process as nothing can be rushed with the gentle clitoris. The clitoris is one of the
most sensitive organs in a woman's body and knowing about it will open your gateway to be pleasing the woman of
your dreams. Women who look forward to self-pleasuring can open the golden door of their highest orgasms by
stimulating the clitoris in the right way. One can do this in the bath or in a safe environment. The point is
uncovering your deepest sensuality secrets with the stimulation of the clitoris.

This works for empowerment and the unleashing of your ability to give your self-extreme pleasure whenever you
call for it. This makes you body confident and ooze with sexiness all over the place. You will be delighted with the
effects they give you. Couples can use the Venus Butterfly technique in the most delightful ways. One of the
common reasons why women take time to reach climax is when their clitoris is not stimulated enough. Many
women have smaller clits and the ignorance of it will not make for a fulfilling sexual encounter. To make every
encounter fun and fruitful the man has to give enough attention to the clitoris as part of the foreplay and through
the entire process.
Also this is essential to understand that clits are meant to be stimulated and used for the heightening of pleasure
in the best possible way. It is important to understand the gentle and guiding massage techniques that need to
practice on the clit. Your woman will never complain about you or feel dissatisfied, if you know and understand the
importance of stimulating the clit rightly.

Make your sexual encounter something special and deeply satisfying instead of a whirlwind. Understanding your
woman's clitoris is one of those steps that will ensure a long and satisfying sex life for both of you. Most sexologists
today will tell you the importance of involving variation in your sexual sharing and this will indeed bring about a
wonderful change in your life.

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